Anatomy Of The Upper Limb In Photoshop & ZBrushCore

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Anatomy Of The Upper Limb

In this tutorial we will start in Photoshop and go through all the superficial muscles the upper limb, covering the origins and insertions and how you can remember them. Then we will move into ZBrush Core 2021 to start with the sculpting.

upper limb chart.png 1 SA Anatomy | Study Anatomy in 3D
Upper limb chart – arm anatomy

Please watch carefully the videos below where I share my approach in understanding the anatomy of the upper limb and when the arm pronates and supinates.

If you have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to comment below and if you need 3D anatomy models as reference to study anatomy please visit our Store. Now enough with the talking, lets start learning the arm anatomy – Supination & Pronation in ZBrush or In ZBrushCore 2021 and Photoshop.

Anatomy Of The Upper Limb -Supination & Pronation In Photoshop & ZBrushCore 2021 – Full class

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