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How To Overlap Muscles Using Masking In ZBrush

How To Overlap Muscles Using Masking In ZBrush

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Such subjects and learning resources are hard to find online and pretty much not addressed especially for ZBrush or ZBrush core users. On e of our main objections at SA Anatomy is to provide all the anatomy tutorials that are not available online to learn from.

Now lets learn How To Overlap Muscles Using Masking In ZBrush. In this tutorial we focus mainly on sculpting secondary forms. Our main objection for this task is to understand the technique of overlapping muscles. On the other hand this is not a beginner tutorial or intro to ZBrushCore but a hand sculpting tutorial. One thing we can’t stop stressing about is to not rush into tertiary details(fine details)

Now Lets jump into it

How To Overlap Muscles Using Masking In ZBrush


If you followed along correctly you should have the knowledge of overlapping muscles with any type of mesh in ZBrush, in this tutorial example we used the Dog canine ecorche but using the same technique this can be applied to any ECORCHE model that you have sculpted.

Like any 3D models used in our tutorial classes these 3d models can be purchased from our store

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