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How To Sculpt A Horse Anatomy In ZBrushCore (Equine Ecorshe)

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How To Sculpt A Horse Anatomy

Now lets learn How To Sculpt A Horse Anatomy equine ecorshe In ZBrush Core 2021 for artists . In this tutorial series we focus mainly on sculpting Primary forms, secondary forms and tertiary details. Our main objection for this task is to understand what is going on under the skin, how is everything connected.

Remember this is not only a hand sculpting tutorial but a medical study so it will require a lot of your time and patience. It is highly important to sculpt paying attention to every detail and give more time to study the anatomy of the of a horse.

If you follow along to the end and with much practice, investing more hours in hand sculpting you will be ready to tackle any project. On the other hand this is not a beginner tutorial or intro to ZBrushCore but a hand sculpting tutorial. One thing we can’t stop stressing about is to not rush into tertiary details(fine details), you can use this break down if you want to:

Horse Anatomy-Equine Ecorshe Worksheet

Stage Time spent
Complete anatomy study 4 Weeks
Gathering reference 2 Hours
Primary forms 4 Hours
Secondary forms 6 Hours
Tertiary details 3 Hours
Worksheet estimate

Highly Recommended Drawing Tablets

1Wacom CTL4100WLK0 Intuos Wireless Graphics Drawing Tablet with Software Included, 7.9″ X 6.3″, BlackGreat if you a beginner and in a very tight budget, you can achieve most sculpts
2Wacom DTC133W0A One Digital Drawing Tablet with Screen, 13.3 Inch Graphics Display for Art and Animation BeginnersFor ZBrush users who surely want to increase their workflow
3Wacom Cintiq 22 Drawing Tablet with HD Screen, Graphic Monitor, 8192 Pressure-Levels (DTK2260K0A) 2019 Version, MediumThis is what everything artist should have, the power of drawing or sculpting.

Horse Anatomy-Equine Ecorshe Reference

Now before we learn How To Sculpt A Horse Anatomy equine ecorshe In ZBrush Core 2021 we need to get good reference. Gathering reference can be sometimes very hard and tedious, it is important to gather as much reference as possible. In this case we chose a different approach, after huge amount of study dissection research we used animal anatomy books and to check our proportions.

The books we recommend is An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists (Dover Anatomy for Artists) and Animal Anatomy for Artists: The Elements of Form.

How To Sculpt A Horse Anatomy
Horse anatomy Reference for proportions

Reference is not only still images but motion is very important, understanding how the muscles squash and stretch when the horse-equine is in motion. So before we even open ZBrush it is best to invest our time in studying the anatomy. To study anatomy more efficiently we recommend you grab our horse ecorshe anatomy model which was made from real specimens and huge amount of dissection research.

Our main goal was to get as close as possible to realism, to provide assets that you can be trust. So we used real specimens and cadaver data as our reference, some of our reference board you will see on screen in the tutorial video. To create our own reference board that we could use on one screen, we used an awesome application called pureRef.

Horse-Equine Ecorshe 3D Model

If you having trouble using images as reference we have made available the horse ecorshe anatomy model for purchase, great anatomy ecorshe reference, with a base mesh, different file formats and subdivisons. If you have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to comment below. Now enough with the talking, lets start Sculpting a Horse Anatomy equine ecorshe In ZBrush Core.

How to sculpt a horse anatomy part 1
How to sculpt a horse anatomy part 2


Well done you made to the end, just keep on practicing – again that’s the best way to learn!

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