How To Sculpt A Human Realistic Iris In ZBrush

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How To Sculpt A Human Realistic Iris In ZBrush 2019

Sculpting a human realistic Iris in ZBrush for artists. Please note that this tutorial was recorded long and some of the things are out dated but the technique is still the same. So you can always get away with using alpha maps etc. but that doesn’t grant you that you know how to sculpt human realistic Iris, in our opinion that’s not a good way to learn.

If you follow along to the end and with much practice, investing more hours in hand sculpting you will be ready to tackle any project and this practice that we will be doing here helps a lot to train your eye and will improve your skills when nailing likeness. On the other hand this is not a beginner tutorial or intro to ZBrush but a hand sculpting tutorial. The good news is that all our articles come with a Free video tutorial so you can follow along very easily.

Iris Sculpting Objection

In this tutorial we focus mainly on Primary forms, secondary forms and tertiary details, we will be spend more time on secondary forms using HD Geometry(HD Subdivisions).

By looking at a high-res close up of a human iris immediately your mind is blown away and you don’t know where to start from seeing all the huge amount of details that we are unable grasp.

Realistic Iris Reference

How To Sculpt A Human Realistic Iris In ZBrush reference
Our reference

Gathering reference can be sometimes very hard and tedious, it is important to gather as much reference as possible. But likely for us human iris high-res images are easy to find online, normally you would go for gigapan but for this tutorial we used pinterest. Maybe search for human realistic iris or eye, you should get get high close up shots. You can visit our store for great 3D anatomy models for reference

Also keeping in mind that our main goal was to get as close as possible to realism, that’s why we paid close attention to every detail. For our reference board you will see on screen in the tutorial video we used an awesome application called pureRef.

If you have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to comment below. Now enough with the talking, lets see how to sculpt a human realistic iris in ZBrush.

How To Sculpt A Human Realistic Iris In ZBrush Videos tutorial

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