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How We Use HD Geometry In ZBrush Workflow

How We Use HD Geometry In ZBrush Workflow

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Today we will go through our workflow for using HD geometry in ZBrush to archive high details in our sculpts. HD Subdivisions in ZBrush gives you the power to subdivide your model to over millions of polygons with taxing your system. It basically acts like splitting your model so you can be able to sculpt with ease on a lot of polygons.

On the other hand this is not a beginner tutorial or intro to ZBrushCore but a technique tutorial, please refer to our other Tutorials for beginner classes.

Now let’s jump into this:

How We Use HD Geometry In ZBrush Workflow


If you followed along correctly you should have the knowledge of using ZBrush HD Geo feature with any type of mesh in ZBrush, in this tutorial example we used the HD Human Skeleton but using the same technique this can be applied to any model that you have sculpted.

Like any 3D models used in our tutorial classes these 3d models can be purchased from our store

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