Male Anatomy Figure

Male Anatomy Figure Ecorche ZBrush Core Sculpting tutorial (Forms)

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Male Anatomy Figure Ecorche ZBrushCore Sculpting Tutorial 2021

Sculpting a Male anatomy figure ecorche for artists in 6 simple steps . In this tutorial series we focus on sculpting forms in ZBrush Core. So to follow along you will need to have ZBrush Core or Zbrush, you can obviously use your desired sculpting medium. And if you want to learn quickly you can purchase the complete male anatomy figure ecorche which comes with different parts, subdivisions & various file formats. Please don’t skip any step and don’t worry, each and every step has a full video tutorial. Enjoy!

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Step 1 – Proportions

A very crucial step that you want always start with and keep on check during the process. Proportions are measurements done in the body to make sure our 3D model is at correct scale with the real body. Obviously scale/sizes do differ but it is always important to follow the average scale of the body. Because our male anatomy figure ecorche is in a anatomical position we will be measuring with head height.

There are a few ways to measure but we recommend using cranial measurements specifically when working with posed character/figure because you can’t track measurement when measuring with heads once you pose, so measuring with heads is best for A-Pose or T-pose characters/figures. You can use our male anatomy figure ecorche as your reference to follow along.

Male Anatomy Figure Ecorche Image showing measuring with head height
Male Anatomy Figure Image showing measuring with head height
Step 1 – Proportions video tutorial

Step 2 – Block outs

For this step we will be using a different approach than our female ecorche sculpting tutorial. First build up your basic forms keeping in mind the anatomy and the origin and insertion, try also not to fuss about details at this stage. Once your basic block out is in place you can start with sketching the muscle groups on your model and do this carefully as this is going to be the foundation for your figure. You can use our male ecorche anatomy figure as your reference to follow along.

Male Ecorche Anatomy Figure Image showing block outs and sketched muscle groups
Image showing block outs and sketched muscle groups
Step 2 – Block outs & sketching video tutorial

Step 3 – Primary forms

Step 3 we focus on the primary forms. The primary forms represents the bigger shapes of your figure or character, so this step is very important please spend more time on it. Now we will be using our guide lines we sketched in step 2 to build up our bigger forms around those lines, on this step we take into consideration the proportions & silhouette. It is very important to check proportions again after making huge changes on your mesh. Because our anatomy figure is in anatomical position, 7 & a half heads where used for measurement. You can use our male ecorche anatomy figure as your reference to follow along.

male ecorche anatomy figure primary forms on torso
Image showing primary forms on torso
Step 3 – Primary forms video tutorial part 1
Step 3 – Primary forms video tutorial part 2

Well done! you made it. Thank you very much for your time and if you have any questions feel free to ask. See you on the second part of the tutorial.

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