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Male Ecorche Anatomy Figure ZBrush Core Sculpting tutorial (Details)

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Male Ecorche Anatomy Figure ZBrush Core Sculpting Tutorial

Sculpting a Male ecorche anatomy figure for artists in 6 simple steps . In this tutorial series we focus on sculpting forms in ZBrush Core. So to follow along you will need to have ZBrush Core or Zbrush, you can obviously use your desired sculpting medium. And if you want to learn quickly you can purchase the complete male ecorche anatomy figure which comes with different parts, subdivisions & various file formats. Please don’t skip any step and don’t worry, each and every step has a full video tutorial. Enjoy!

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Step 4 – Secondary forms

Secondary forms are normally classified as small shapes made on the model once the primary forms and proportions are in place. You want to take more time here also because this is the step that will give realism when you add fine details. If this step is not working out please revert back to step 1-3. Now this is were we focus on the muscle forms and small shapes, so for this step we recommend you get the male ecorche anatomy figure because it was designed to make studying anatomy very easy as it was sculpted from Cadaver scan data, dissections & trusted anatomy assets.

male ecorche anatomy figure Image showing face secondary forms
Image showing face secondary forms
Step 4 – Secondary forms video tutorial

Step 5 – Splitting

Here we focus on splitting our model into parts, this is very handy for 3D printing and for the ability to view the anatomy more easily. The correct term for this process is called articulation (basically creating male and female keys to help join two separate pieces). And it is very important were you split your model, normally go for hidden areas. Please also note that this is not a articulation tutorial, for proper articulation we recommend you use the full version of ZBrush. Make sure you do this step once you completely happy with your proportions and silhouette. You can purchase the male ecorche anatomy figure if you want the model with separate parts.

male ecorche anatomy figure Image showing basic articulation
Image showing basic articulation
Step 5 – Splitting video tutorial

Step 6 – Tertiary details

The step that every artist can’t wait to reach, we end up skipping most of the steps to rush to it. On my opinion this is the least important step out of all of them. A model/character with good proportions, silhouette, primary & secondary forms will never depend on fine details to look realistic, but fine details are dependent to all four. Now you definitely need to know the muscle striations in order to attempt this otherwise your muscle fibers will be facing the wrong direction, this leads to a anatomically incorrect model. And again the male ecorche anatomy figure is available for sale to make your study very easy.

male ecorche anatomy figure Image adding fine details
Image adding fine details
Step 6 – Tertiary details video tutorial

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