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Human And Animal Anatomy 3D Viewer
Human And Animal Anatomy 3D Viewer

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Human And Animal Anatomy 3D Viewer
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Human and Animal Anatomy 3D Viewer For Artist

The Human and Animal Anatomy 3D Viewer was mainly introduced for artists and for students who want to study anatomy but are failing to understand the forms and shapes on a text book. The current 3D viewer uses WebGL render with Ambient Occlusion and a 5 point light setup, giving you the ability to see the muscles shapes & forms.

There are separate app’s for each Human & Animal Anatomy Figures, Male & Female Skeletal systems for those who want to study the bones underneath the muscles and skins. For currently subscribed Pro members updates on all our apps will be free of charge.

 You can simply use the Human And Animal Anatomy 3D Viewer on your PC/Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone in a web browser that supports WebGL – we normally recommend using Chrome but it should work in most web browsers. *Please note the apps might take long to open or loading depending on the server speed and time.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, it’s for anyone. You just need a PC, Smart phone or Tablet. Simply launch it on your web browser and start orbiting around our 3D models. It was mainly designed for artists and for reference but it’s also for anyone who want’s to study anatomy in 3D

We have received many requests from people seeking assistance with ZBrush & Anatomy. Pro members receive a Free life time mentorship as long as they are subscribed. Live Q&A Sessions are held once each week for about 40-60 mins using Zoom or Google meet. Mainly focusing on those seeking more assistance with Human & Animal in ZBrush.

Currently all our 3D anatomy models on our store are 50% Off, we add a discount of 15-35% Off on top of the discount that’s currently on. Discount should be applied automatically when you checkout,  if not please contact us

Unfortunately funds are not refundable because all benefits mentioned in each plan shall be provided. But you continue to have access until end of subscription period

It is a collection of our Realistic Human & Animal anatomy figures which are not textured, showing all major superficial muscles and bony land marks. Currently on the FREE Basic plan you get to view in 3D our Male & female ecorche models and bovine, canine & equine ecorche models which have been decimated.

Through huge amount of research we saw that it was very hard to study Anatomy in 2D, so a 3D viewer was needed. Providing a opportunity also for those who can’t buy our 3D models and for those who only need them as reference.

The Anatomy 3D Viewer is a cross platform message optimization for all devices, just make sure your browser or computer supports Webgl for better experience. To know more please Contact Us

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