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High detailed 3D anatomical models available, Complete Human body systems and so much more…

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SA Anatomy offers services for clients seeking custom work. It’s quick & easy with these 3 simple steps.

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Free Anatomy Sculpting Tutorials

Detailing the arms

Here we go through the details of the arms, the bony landmarks, forms and superficial muscles. Get full course.

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Modeling Veins

Here we go through using ZSperes to model veins of the human body, for good typology. HD Complete Anatomy Process

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Detailing The Muscles

Here we go through adding fine details to the muscles of the human body, for good typology. HD Complete Anatomy Process

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Free Human Anatomy 3D Models


High Details!

SA Anatomy 4 Medical wants to assure you that our High detailed 3D anatomy models were made using real specimens as reference & some human scan data for accuracy.

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The place to study Human or Animal Anatomy in 3D. We supply digital 3D anatomy models all over the world. know more

Whether you a 2D artist, 3D artist, Medical professional or student these 3D anatomy models are for you.

ZBrush is mainly native program for now, the ZTL format has subdivisions.

Anyone – with a 3D software, 3D printer or one can access our 3D viewer which also has a free plan.

Our 3D models are a combination of cadaver data, artistic/medical anatomy books & dissections research.

Yes, all offers or proposals to be sent to [email protected]

Best quality models

Our 3D Anatomy models represent high end research for accuracy from medical professionals & cadaver data.

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Unhappy with our 3D Anatomy Models? We offer a 7 days money back guarantee(T’s & C’s apply).

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