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3D anatomical models

We Are Your Favorite Way To Study Anatomy In 3D.

SA Anatomy delivers high quality 3D Anatomical models that can be trusted. To provide product’s you can trust, Each 3D model has been hand sculpted from real specimens & trusted anatomy books, paying close attention to every detail. All our 3D models have been hand sculpted in ZBrush and we recorded our entire process on our YouTube channel.

After seeing the struggle with Anatomy books which are just flat drawings and it is very hard understand the shapes and forms,  SA Anatomy brings you the best & most convenient way to study anatomy in 3D by combining both artistic/medical anatomy books & cadaver to supply realistic 3D anatomy models

Sure there are other 3D anatomical models online, but with huge research we have seen almost all models are not high detailed 3D models – So we saw a gap and dedicated the entire year in developing our Complete anatomy 3D Models from cadaver.

Our Goal

Our main objection is to bring realism to 3D by supplying high detailed Anatomy tools & Learning for all those interested in human & animal anatomy.


7 days money back guarantee. Depending on the condition, client will receive 80% back of the price


These products went through high end tests for accuracy with huge amount of research from Medical professionals & cadaver.


We supply only anatomical correct 3D models, Free & paid human anatomy Digital Sculpting classes in ZBrush.

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3d anatomical models human body systems

Human body systems 3D Models at a affordable price!

No more turning pages now, no more flat drawings, a better way to study anatomy has been introduced -Study human body systems anatomy in 3D. Visit our store or excess our 3D viewer now 

Send us your full brief on your characters or creatures, and we will kindly design your model in 3D. Please visit our Services page for more info.

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